Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is GreenerBilling?

An invoicing system designed exclusively for lawn care professionals – by a lawn care pro! It’s not your father’s billing system!

Who will use GreenerBilling?

Lawn care and landscape professionals who want quick and easy tech methods of invoicing and getting paid. Do you want to create estimates in the field?; email an invoice as you finish the job?; receive payments online?; get kudos for your professionalism? Then YOU will use GreenerBilling!

What do I need to use GreenerBilling?

We could get technical here, but all you really need is an Internet connection and a modern Web browser. It functions on any smartphone or tablet.

Does GreenerBilling secure my data?

Yes! Ma-jor-ly! All data is secured by SSL Encryption. The GreenerBilling service, and all your data, is secure behind firewalls monitored daily. The database is backed up daily at multiple locations. In addition, NONE of your Personal Identifying Information (PII) is traded, given, or sold to any third-party. GreenerBilling does not have ads or affiliate partners to bombard you with offers, etc.

Can I receive my clients’ payments through GreenerBilling?

Yes, we offer the convenience of having your clients pay you directly with a credit card. After you set up Online Payments in your GreenerBilling account, you can allow your clients to pay you online through GreenerBilling. Your credit card information is not stored by GreenerBilling. All of your billing information and transactions are handled through our third-party payment processor who has the sole responsibility for storage of all credit card and payment information.

Will GreenerBilling charge me a fee for accepting my clients’ online payments?

No. GreenerBilling does not charge for this convenience. You will only incur the standard fees from the payment processing merchant (For example: PayPal, Stripe)

Is it really FREE FOR 30 DAYS?

Yes. We want you to experience GreenerBilling on your own terms. Explore the application, try out all the features, and see how it fits your business.
New things may take time to use comfortably. So, give yourself (and GreenerBilling) the opportunity of 30 days to play with, use, and dissect the application. We are convinced that you will find GreenerBilling user-friendly. We, the GreenerBilling Team, are friendly too!

What are the Paying Plans?

After your free 30-day trial, you may choose from 4 monthly plans. See details on our Pricing Page.

How do I pay for my Monthly Plan?

With a valid credit card which will be billed in a 30-day cycle through a third party payment processor.

How easy is it to cancel my monthly paying plan account?

Your GreenerBilling monthly paying plan is a subscription that you may cancel at any time.

What happens if I cancel my monthly paying plan account?

Two things:
1. Your account data is kept available for viewing only for 365 days following cancellation.
2. You will be liable for the full monthly charges for the month in which your account is canceled.Your cancellation becomes effective at the end of your final paying month.

Are there hidden fees?

No! We believe in keeping it simple! All monthly paying plans are billed on a 30-day cycle. All additional mind-blowing features will be provided at NO EXTRA COST!

Does GreenerBilling provide Customer Support?

Customer support will be through email or phone, with response time within 24 hours. Our customers are the most important people on Earth. They are building the economic base of the world! We at GreenerBilling will always keep them first.

Is yours a Micro-business?

A Micro-business is a smaller version of a small business. The U.S Small Business Administration defines a small business as one that makes less than $5 million a year and has less than 500 employees.
A Micro-business, however, has less than 10 employees, may require significantly less in start-up costs; employees may have a variety of responsibilities, and take great interest in the overall success of the business.

If that defines YOUR lawn care business, then you should be using GreenerBilling.

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