You’re Going to Charge How Much to Mow a Lawn?

Dave Kollasch

you are going to charge how much to mow a lawn

“You’re going to charge how much to mow a lawn?  $40?? I’m not going to pay you $40 to mow a lawn. That’s ridiculous!  I have a college education and I don’t make that much an hour!  And you probably don’t even take an hour to mow.”

college graduate in cap and gown

Did he/she really say that?  Yes.  

Is this a familiar scenario?

There’s this kid down the block with his push mower who said he’d charge $25 to mow the lawn.  He’s home for the summer; needs spending money; and your “former client” knows his mom.

kid with push mower

2 months later he’s back at school.  The grass has a 2 week growth. There are dead spots in the lawn.  The hedges have wings, and the driveway has become narrow from lack of edging. And your “former client” had to replace 2 sprinkler heads that were eaten by the kid’s mower. But your “former client” saved $15 a cut.

It’s obvious that the yard needs some help, especially if your “former client” needs to host the Labor Day cookout. Plus, there’s still many months of growing season left. Now what?


So, “who they gonna call?”

We Lawn Guys face this problem at one time or another.  How do we handle it? And how much should we charge?  

Well, once I get the “angry” out of my system I can look at the situation a little more rationally. Maybe they’re uninformed about the real costs to the lawn care business owner.  What do I bring to the table?

  • I’m Licensed and Insured – costs me annually about $4,500  (for where I work)
  • My business registration costs me annually @ $150
  • Equipment maintenance costs me annually @ $2,500
  • Equipment replacement costs can be out of sight
  • Truck and Trailer initial costs/payments/maintenance vary
  • Advertising costs – dependent on type
  • Knowledge base – Priceless
clipboard with checked boxes

I do know a lot about things that grow outside!

I do know how and when to trim those shrubs and myrtles!

I do know when and what to use for fertilizer!

I do know what creates a beautiful lawn

I might be a College Grad but – I don’t flaunt it.  Just because I do a menial task does not mean I’m less educated than you.  I’m not going to hang my landscape degree in my truck (that would be tacky)!  Plus that tassel on the mortarboard is very distracting while edging!

I do know that you don’t want to be outside in this heat doing what I’m doing. And I happen to really enjoy my work!

Is that my phone ringing?

“Yes, ma’am. I can stop by.”

“How much will you charge to mow my lawn?”

“How much I charge for this initial mowing will be based on the condition of your property. And I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with my work.”

So, how much will you charge to mow the lawn?  Maybe now it’s $45 per cut (now that’s justice!).


Fun Fact – Did you know that snails can sleep for 3 months?

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