Why has Lawn Care Software been built by GreenerBilling?

Dave Kollasch

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I figured you’d want to know, so here’s the scoop! I wanted a web-based app that understands the heart and head of the Lawn Care Professional; a Lawn Care software built by someone who knows what the business is about.  Someone who is, like you, a Lawn Care Pro – me, Dave Kollasch. (Check out our About page)

And that’s exactly how GreenerBilling Lawn Care software got started.

GreenerBilling takes advantage of technology growth, specifically online invoicing, online estimates, (both done in the field, if necessary), and in addition, accepting credit card payments online.  Use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Now that’s fast!

To a lawn care business owner, the most important thing is cash flow. So how does GreenerBilling encourage fast payments?

I believe how we present the “bill” can influence how quickly we receive payment. Nowadays, few, if any, invoices arrive through snail mail. The invoice “page” that our customers get doesn’t need to be a paper one! Why not send them email invoices, and reduce our carbon footprint.  Let’s encourage online credit card payments which translate to better cash flow for us. That’s Billing Greener!!

How things “look” can trigger responses. Our Lawn Care invoices and Landscape estimates should look PROFESSIONAL.  If we have a logo (and we should) it needs to be on the invoice. Estimates should have pictures of products so they can actually see what we offer.  Let pictures “work for” you!

And what about past-due issues? GreenerBilling can send auto-reminders of due and expiration dates.  GreenerBilling does that and much more! We need to Bill Greener!  And get paid faster!

We want GreenerBilling to be the best Lawn Care Software out there. Yourinput is welcomed and necessary for us Lawn Care Pros to help each other.  BECAUSE – GreenerBilling isn’t just mine, or yours.  It’s Ours.

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