Lawn Care Service Makes a Profit: It’s All About the PLAN

Dave Kollasch

lawn care business makes a profit

Let’s look at the two most important factors in your lawn care service from the past mowing season?

a. Did you reach your income goal?

If not, WHY NOT?  Repairs, weather, injury, personnel, loss of clients, poor business practices.  

Do you have any control for eliminating them in the future?

b. Did you exceed your income goal?

How did that happen? Client growth, strict maintenance practices, advertising, great personal work ethic, responsible and reputable crew, use of technology for billing, scheduling, routing and accepting online payments.

Can you repeat and even improve for next season?

look ahead make a plan

Now let’s look ahead:

What’s the plan for your off-season?  You DO HAVE A PLAN, right?

Well, if you’ve put it off, here’s the nudge to get you started.


Have you made a website for your lawn care service? If not – DO IT!  Add pictures of your great work to your website.  Don’t be shy! You do wonderful stuff out there! We know, “cuz you’re not just the lawn guy”!

Need new signage on your truck or trailer?  Wood or metal? Front, back, sides?

advertising your lawn care business

How about investing in lawn signs to advertise your work! Ask your clients if they will let you “stake” their lawn. This is one of the best ways to engage a neighborhood. Don’t skimp on advertising; it’s the best money-maker after word-of-mouth.


What lawn equipment are you wanting or needing to replace?  Will you buy new or used?? There is significant controversy over that question.  If buying used, be sure to have it checked out FULLY so you’re not buying someone else’s troubles.

suggestions from Lawn Life friends

And don’t forget, there are lots of very knowledgeable “lawn care pros” out there. They have great suggestions and info about brands, models and how to avoid getting ripped off (or mowed down!). Check out the LAWN LIFE group on Facebook for reliable feedback.


Have you considered buying in bulk for the future? WHY?

How many times have you left in the middle of a job to buy a replacement belt, or trimmer string?  Buy in bulk beforehand then there’s no need to stop when you can be making money!  

buy supplies in bulk

Buying in bulk at the Spring sale of your equipment dealer saves you time and money during your busy season.  Buy mower blades, oil (by the jug!), belts, edger blades, and trimmer string (plus weed-eater spools and caps – and all those funny little pieces that like to disappear during jobs).  It’s a lot like prepping for a new baby… buy what you know you’ll need BEFORE you need it (so you don’t run out of diapers stuff in the middle of a job!).

Billing and Payments

Did you lose money because of poor invoicing?  Don’t be tempted to use “save now” invoicing apps that will raise pricing in the Spring.

Were payments slow or late? 

Did you lose time (and $$$) because of poor scheduling and routing? 

There is a solution to these problems!

It is important to use an invoicing software specially designed for the Lawn Care Service Professional. There are a number of them out there.

Our recommendation is GreenerBilling®.  An invoicing and estimating software that was built BY and FOR the Lawn Care Pro.

Everything can be done in the field, on any mobile device! Create the estimate on the spot – with images of your products. Create detailed invoices online simply and smoothly with your pc or mobile devices. Invoices can be emailed or “snailed”. Client payments can be accepted online, making cash flow more stable. That sure beats “the check is under the mat”!


GreenerBilling® is powering a lot of lawn care services out there already! Take a look and see if it’s the right fit for you and your business. (It does not share or sell your information to anyone! Check the terms of service of your current invoicing application… just saying!)  All client payments are handled through Stripe. GreenerBilling® holds no credit card information.

Services and Crews

Are you adding residential services for next season?  Will you need additional equipment for these new services?  What will you charge? Have you researched the competition’s pricing?  

Thinking about adding to your crew – or reducing?  Consider your projected workload, time management, and the impact the number of crew will have on your business profit. 

Will you add Commercial clients to your residential-only business?  Be advised, that you may need higher insurance. Will having commercial clients require you to add to your crew?  You may need to provide Workers Comp to them. Will you need to add equipment to fulfill the commercial contract?

A great advantage to having commercial clients is the steady year-round contract. $$$  

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