Lawn Care in Winter: 19 and a half Ways to Keep a Stable Income

Dave Kollasch

Keeping income stable during winter in lawn care can be a challenge for the owner’s business management. But before you panic and call the loan officer at the local bank, take a few minutes to consider your options as a business-person!  There are some lucrative ways to keep the dollars coming in.  

Here’s a list of what-you-can-do BEFORE the pockets are empty (because planning must be part of your game-plan!).

1. If you haven’t already, look at your client list and determine who can be upgraded to an annual contract. Have you talked to your clients about the  advantage to their budget to be in an annual contract? The more 12 month contracts, the more stable your income and the more stability to your clients’ monthly bills. That makes good financial sense for them and you!

If you’re not digging your way out of snow, then try:

2. Landscaping work (hard and soft)

3. Pressure washing drives, patios, decking

4. Trimming trees, ornamentals, or shrubs

5. Gutter Cleaning

6. Leaf clean-up

7. Mulching beds

8. Turning over veggie gardens

9. Plant pansies and mums

10. Haul whatever you can with your trailer (check your insurance coverage)

11. Fill in wash-outs or low spots in the yards or beds

12. Deliver for Amazon or Shipt for your local supermarket 

13. Overseed with winter Rye Grass on dormant warm-season grass.  Your clients get a green lawn year round and you get a lawn to maintain during the winter lawn care months!!

14. Installing holiday lighting and decorations aren’t just for Christmas anymore.  Halloween has become a lucrative “experience” for lawn and exterior home decorations. You know the neighborhoods you service and who likes to do the “decorative” stuff!  Consider setting up their Halloween and/or Autumn decorations, and follow-up with an “uninstall” and a Christmas INSTALL!! Just be sure you have someone (who loves you!) hold the ladder!

All of these money-makers can be brought to your current clients.  They know your work ethic and the quality of your workmanship, so convincing them that you’re the answer to these jobs is a no-brainer.

Does your winter climate forbid most of the jobs listed above?  If so, check out:

Winter Lawn Care Jobs Using Specialized Equipment

There are several more ways to maintain your income during winter in the lawn care business, but they require some specialized equipment such as chainsaws, bush hogs, aerators, snow plows, log splitters and more.

15. Do you have snow-plow equipment?? Many Lawn Care Business owners rely on snow removal for their winter income.  It’s a great way to maintain cash flow, provided Mother Nature comes through with the snowflakes! Be sure you check your  regional requirements for proper liability coverage before you head out.  

But snow removal isn’t the only winter job. Check out these possibilities if you have the equipment.

16. Have Chainsaw. Will Travel. – Local debris from storms can become income producing.  Make sure your clients know that you are available for property clean-up. Not only cutting large branches, but hauling them off as well.  Are those pieces worthy to become firewood? (You’ve just created another source of income!)

Trees that need pruning during the dormant season are waiting for the hum of your saw.  Be sure you don’t tackle anything that is outside your ability. Stay safe !!

17. Have Log Splitter?  Grab those trimmings you brought home and have a fun time using that Log Splitter that has been calling your name!  Are there clients who have logs that need your attention?? Lucky, you…..grab that splitter and create some firewood for them (at a price).  Do you feel like Honest Abe, yet?

18. Aerators are a great piece of equipment. For those of you that live with heavy sweaters and parkas, your cool season grasses should be aerated fall and early spring. That gives you pre-winter and post-winter incomes before mowing season begins! That’s a real advantage to having those 12 month contracts! (See # 1)

19. If you have a Brush (Bush) Hog you are not just the Lawn Guy…you’re the parent of an alien lawn mower!  Who needs a trail cut in a hunting compound? Who needs some acreage cleared for spring planting?   You have the greatest answer to a massive problem. Hitch up that Hog to your tractor and go make some money!

19 1/2. Be kind to yourself and your family. Save your energy and be a PLANNER rather than a reactor! Plan ahead for quiet time spent with the one(s) you love.  It’s ok to have mac and cheese more often than usual, especially when you have the people you love breaking bread with you! You can maintain a winter income….’cuz you’re NOT JUST THE LAWN GUY!

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