You’re a real Lawn Care Pro – Not Just the Lawn Guy!

Dave Kollasch

Lawn care pro not just the lawn guy

”He’s just the lawn guy.”  Isn’t that what most people consider the Lawn Care Pro to be??

I don’t appreciate the label of  “he just cuts grass”. Why?

That’s because I know (and do) a lot more than just cut grass.  I am a lawn care business owner, not just a guy with a mower!

I’m a Lawn Care Pro!

For instance, I don’t deliver the pizza they ordered, wash their windows, or paint their house.  However, I create the yard that makes their home and property look pretty darn inviting.

For example, I know when to add fertilizer, aerate, and mow (at the right height); what’s the best type of grass for the climate they live in, and the best mulch, shrubs, and trees, for their climate. How about a Butterfly Garden?  I know just the right flora for that. In addition, I can even do a hardscape!

So I can look a bit sweaty.  I may also have a bit of unpleasant fragrance! It’s hot out here!

But most importantly, the yard looks absolutely beautiful!

Those stripes are the envy of the neighborhood.  Their hedges are manicured to the inch! The mulch adds just the right touch.  The edging is flawless, and only a little of the debris is blown onto the neighbor’s property.

After that, we hear,  “The check is in the mail”, or  “Oops, I forgot to put it under the mat”!

They wouldn’t say that to the pizza delivery guy, or the contractor who installed their dishwasher.  However, they say it to us.

To some, we might be “Just the Lawn Guy”.

You and I know we’re really a lot more than that!  We are Lawn Care Pros!

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