8 Lawn Care Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2019

Dave Kollasch

Man thinking of good marketing ideas for lawn care

So you’re looking for some lawn care marketing ideas for your business! Here’s a few suggestions from a fellow Lawn Care Pro.

1. What’s your Business NAME?

I hear you asking, “Why is that the first thing?”  Because you will need to market your business.

You must have an online presence to market effectively.  That means having a business name that is available as the exact .com domain.  Your lawn care business name also needs a matching Facebook Page name, Instagram and Twitter handles, etc. Be creative!

Once that’s done, you should register your business name with your state’s Division of Corporations, purchase the domain name and lock-in the social media account names ASAP.

2. Your Business Website

Using an affordable hosting service like GoDaddy’s GoCentral, Wix, or Squarespace, you can easily (even for a beginner) construct your business website. You will then craft your website pages using “keywords” that Google recognizes for lawn care service. Learn more about focus keywords. (This is called SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  SEO prompts Google to show your website when people search for lawn care service in their area.) Always be thinking about what you would search for if you were a client looking for your services!

Your website, with proper SEO, will be the most powerful marketing tool for your lawn care business.  It’s affordable, you can do it yourself, and your business can be found on any computer or mobile phone in your service area.

Make sure to set up your email address using your domain name! You will look more professional and established using your actual website domain address as your email: joe@mybusinessname.com.  You can do this through the same company you use for your website hosting, and will cost about $5 / month.  You’ll likely get a discount for paying a year upfront.

3. Business Cards

They’re found everywhere: Check-out counters, medical offices, bulletin boards, gyms, auto repair shops, waiting rooms. Of all the lawn care marketing ideas, business cards continue to be one of the best and least expensive ways of advertising your business.

You can get 500 business cards for less than $40 with services like VistaPrint.  Their “Signature cards with premium glossy finish” not only shine, but the glossy finish makes the card sturdier without spending extra cash for thicker paper!

And don’t forget the “real estate” on the back of the card where you can include more information.  Include social media addresses like Facebook and Instagram. (Save $ by printing the back in black/white.)  Add a QR code (it’s free to generate and save as an image) that links to your website or social media page.  Add text next to the code like “Get a Quote” or “Scan Me”. For more info one how a QR code can work for your business, check out this free QR Code Generator.

4. Shirts

Lawn care marketing ideas come in all sizes! Have them made for you, your crew, your kids.  You want a professional appearance while you’re working and when you’re out doing estimates. Wear them on those weekends when you’re out at Lowe’s with the family. You can and should be a walking advertisement for your business. You never know when that next $1,000 landscape job may fall into your hands!

5. Signage on Truck and Trailer

These are the rolling billboards for your lawn care business.  How and what you advertise determines how you’ll be contacted. In addition to your name, will you have phone or text info, website, Facebook?   

There are a variety of signage methods.  Some can be quite expensive, others can be cheap, overused, tacky, and hard to read.  I’m not a big fan of standard door magnets.

I have found the most affordable signage is basic vinyl lettering on the truck windows and the body of both the truck and an enclosed trailer.  For open trailers, purchase sheet metal or marine-grade plywood; take to a local sign shop to apply vinyl lettering. (Our open trailer uses 2 smaller signs on the sides of the cage and then a larger sign covering the whole gate.)

Keep your design simple, using big fonts and contrasting colors, e.g. green letters on white background. Include only KEY information: Name, Phone #, Website.  When people are driving they’ll remember the facts, not the whole story!

6. Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are free forums to market your lawn care services. You can show off your work, offer discounts on services, rant about lawn guy stuff, and create an audience who will be interested in YOUR lawn care business and the work YOU do.  

Take a little time to fill out the information on your social media accounts:  Profile and Cover photos, About your business, Contact Info, and Photo albums of the work you’ve done.  Then click on the “Invite your friends” link and ask your personal contacts to “Like” your new Facebook Page for your lawn care business.

Post entries as often as you want! Soon new people will be “liking” your page and messages will be asking for lawn care and landscape estimates.

7. Yard Signs

Tried and true, affordable and effective.  Using yard signs in existing clients’ lawns will earn new business within the same area.  You will add accounts and reduce drive time and gas costs. That spells P-R-O-F-I-T to me.

For a client’s lawn consider using a 9” x 12”.  Keep the design simple and quickly recognizable, using only your business name/logo, phone and/or website.  As the neighbors drive-by, the sign continues to encourage them to contact you through your info. Or they’ll simply stop by and talk with you rather than search for a different business since you’re already mowing in their neighborhood.

Yard signs are easy to order online and worth the cost.  I have found SignsOnTheCheap easy to use, “cheap”, good quality, and fast shipping.

8. Door Hangers – the overlooked lawn care marketing idea

Door hangers get your business details into the hands of clients who live on the same streets where you’re already performing lawn care services.  

You can also write down a “ballpark” price to mow, edge, weed-eat, and blow.  You could also add an additional price for any other services that are obvious and visible.  

Who knows, maybe they’re looking for OR are paying another lawn service, and you might be just who they’re looking for!

You can make your own door hangers by designing them in a program like Photoshop (or even MS Word!).  How do I know that? Because I’ve made hundreds of them. It works and is less expensive if you’re willing to do the work.

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