The Birth of GreenerBilling

GreenerBilling comes to rescue Dave. There I was….Dave Kollasch: former world-class aggressive inline skater, a 20-something, single, handsome guy (by most statistics), and owner of a new lawn and landscape business! Instead of accolades for awesome skate maneuvers, I was getting paid for mowing lawns!

I bought my first push mower and stick edger; laid out $10.00 for a bunch of flyers and got my first customer the same day (still have that customer!). It wasn’t long before there was a truck, trailer, zero-turn Exmark (love that machine, it makes the best stripes), gas blowers and trimmers. And lots more customers. Enough customers that I was able to convince a beautiful lady to be my wife!

So why GreenerBilling?...because I was coming home hot, sweaty, tired, and covered with dirt and grass, and I still had to make invoices, stuff and stamp envelopes, drive to the post office, and wait for payments!

Why did the bill for “the Lawn Guy” seem to be the last one paid? Why wasn’t the check always “Under The Mat”? Why wasn’t there an easier and faster way to get paid??

I figured if I had this problem with start-up invoicing, maybe some newbies to the profession might have the same problem.

There had to be a better way, but I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted. Sure, there were the mega-applications for invoicing; some even targeting our industry. But they somehow missed the mark. So, what to do?

Solution?? I’ll build one that's just for the Lawn Care Professional.

  • It had to be easy-to-use and present a professional image of your business.
  • Communication between you and your customers had to be simple, quick, and effective, encouraging payments.
  • The status of all invoices had to be front and center --- you need to know where your money is!
  • The latest and best technology had to be used: email invoices, text messages, online credit card payments, create in-the-field estimates.
  • and - there had to be pictures of your landscape products on your estimates, so your customers can see what they’re being offered.
  • It had to be usable on every platform and device, from desktop to mobile phone, creating a “greener” billing process.

And most important, it had to be fully responsive to us, the Lawn Care Pros!

So GreenerBilling was born.

It still has a lot of growing to do, but you are the professionals who will direct its development.

If something you need is lacking, we will do our best to provide it. Your feedback is what will make GreenerBilling not mine, but ours. It's an app built by and for the Lawn Care Professional !!!

Remember, You’re not Just the Lawn Guy!! You’re a Pro!

Dave Kollasch lawn care pro and Founder of GreenerBilling software
Dave Kollasch, Founder
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Dave Kollasch mowing a lawn for his business

Fun Fact: Do you recognize the name, Dave Kollasch?

Well, my husband is an original pioneer of the sport of aggressive in-line skating. He set the world record for the longest handrail slide. And I finally gave in and let him install a personal grind rail (outside our front door, no less). He may be internationally known as a great rollerblader, but around here he still has to mow our own yard, and take out the trash!

Fun fact about Dave Kollasch former professional inline skater