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A Little Thanks to Your Customers Goes a Long Way

Monday, December 8th, 2014

customer-holiday-cardDecember came quickly this year, at least for us, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about the benefits of showing a little gratitude with a holiday card and / or a token of appreciation, otherwise known as swag. Many of us fail to realize that a simple, “Thank you for your business,” could be the deciding factor for a customer the next time they need a job done.

Holiday cards are the easiest and least expensive ways to say thank you, but can be the most personal. Perhaps you had a brief conversation with the customer while painting their house, or you knew you were getting their lawn done before a 50th anniversary party; these are things you can mention in a quick note inside a holiday card letting your customer know you care. This kind of personal touch will set you above other vendors. Holiday cards can also include your entire staff; allowing everyone to sign teaches your staff (however large) that your customers are a priority, and it lets your customers know that you also value your staff; you are viewed as a team. Holiday cards are not expensive, the ink to write in them isn’t either, and the postage for each card will be reimbursed by the increase in jobs you receive because you’ve now tugged on your customer’s heart with the personal touch!

Maybe you have more in your budget to include a little company swag with your holiday cards or in lieu of your holiday cards this year. As with all things in business, your choices should always reflect your brand as a business and your target audience. The idea is to get your company in the mind of your customer when they think of the need. For example, they will notice their lawn needs when walking to their car so a keychain would make a good swag idea for landscaping. Pens are probably the most popular swag item for any business and the reason is simple, there is always a need for pens. People won’t throw it away, which means at some point, your pen, with your company name and info, will be in their hand and in their mind enough times to become a part of their memory. So when they are wondering who to call for a need, your company will be the most familiar, whether they realize why or not.

Swag can be costly, especially when you think of mailing these items, but if you think creatively, there are always ways to save money. The swag business is competitive and you should take the time to shop around. Be sure to check all online coupon offers and even take the time to call the customer service department of the company you are shopping with to inquire what the best money saving items are at the time. You would be surprised how willing these companies are to help you save money … they too are interested in the repeat business! If you’re concerned about postage of swag, don’t be. If it’s not in your budget, then schedule an afternoon to door hang your customers with a holiday card and little bag of swag. It might seem silly to you, but it makes an impact.

When we think about the holidays, almost all of us start to sweat the small stuff – how will we get everything done in time, in business and in our families. What we like to remember is the holiday stretches between Thanksgiving and the New Year, giving us plenty of time to find a little way to thank our customers for their business. We need those customers. And even if they were a hard sell, or they hovered while we tried to do the job, or they asked for three estimates before they finally decided; they are paying customers for our service businesses and for that, we are grateful for the work. Take the time this year, and every year, to thank your customers … give them more of a reason to hire you again next year!

And to all of our GreenerBilling customers, THANK YOU for your business! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come!