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7 ways GreenerBilling will Help You Save Time

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Save Time with GreenerBilling Are you are a lawn or landscaping service owner, building contractor, or other home services pro? Chances are you could use a little more time in your busy day!

Emailed Estimates

In your service business, promptly providing a professional estimate to your potential customer can make or break the deal. Most of the time, simply being quick will land you the job. Customers put a high value on timeliness when looking to hire a contractor. The GreenerBilling Estimates make it a breeze to create and send an estimate by email. You could easily create the estimate in your vehicle on a laptop or other mobile device right after viewing the potential job. You could have an answer by the time you get to your next stop!

Convert Estimates to Invoices

Now that you’ve used our Estimates, imagine this… You quickly sent the estimate while out in the field, and because of your quickness, you impressed your customer and landed the new job by the time you got home that day! Now you will need to create the invoice for the upcoming job. All you have to do is click once and your estimate becomes a new active invoice. Now that’s saving some time!

Invoices by Email

If you send invoices to customers via the Postal Service, you can expect them to receive the invoice within 1-5 days. This can delay payment to you for quite awhile longer, depending on the customer. If you are a small service business, you really need that cash flow to manage paying for gas, supplies, bills, employees, etc, ETC! No worries, you can speed up your customer payments simply by sending invoices by email. With the click of a mouse, your online invoice will arrive in your customer’s email inbox immediately. Your customer could potentially turn around and send payment immediately to you!

Due Date Reminders

With so many businesses starting to email invoices to customers, follow-up becomes a necessity. Ask yourself this… “When I receive a bill from my utility or other company, do I immediately print this bill out or set a reminder somewhere, like my phone calendar, so I make sure I send that company the payment on-time? Let me guess, you answered no, or sometimes. With GreenerBilling, you can set up automatic invoice due date reminders by email. This greatly increases your chances of receiving payment faster and helps the forgettable customer avoid a pesky late charge.

Past Due Reminders

No small business owner likes to have past due invoices sitting out there aging away. Regular cash flow is the lifeline of your business. The last thing any business owner wants to do is call the customer letting them know they need to pay up or no further services will be rendered. GreenerBilling takes the pain away by allowing you to set Past Due Reminders so that your customer receives an email notification, kindly letting them know the invoices is overdue.

Scheduled Invoicing

If you have customers who pay you the same amount on a set frequency, such as monthly, you will find great relief with the GreenerBilling Scheduled Invoices feature. Rather than creating the same invoice over and over, you can make it once and set a schedule for its creation. Save yourself a lot of time every month by setting your invoicing on auto-pilot.

Online Payments

In this day and age, almost everything can happen with just a click. Now that you’ve made the step to send invoices by email, directly to your customer’s inbox, you might as well offer them the fastest payment option available on the planet! With GreenerBilling, you can create and send invoices to customers online and potentially receive payment that very day, online. How much faster could it be?! Urging your customers to use their computer to make payments online will get that money to you faster than ever!

Are you already an invoicing ninja? Share your time-saving tips with other GreenerBilling users!

An Ounce of Prevention

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

"invoice scam"Ever received an invoice on goods or services you’ve never ordered?  These invoices can look like the real thing, but they’re phony.  Invoice scams have caused huge losses resulting in millions of dollars bagged by fraudsters each year.  Small businesses are at greater risk for this fraudulent activity since they’re least likely to have extra security measures in place. (more…)

Hooked on E-Bills! Is It Working?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Your business is up and running on the Web. You receive your first batch of orders. The demand for your products or services is even better than you anticipated. You become overwhelmed handling invoices, bills, and payments. Perhaps you are new to the electronic way of doing things and miss the traditional way of billing your customers. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Studies show that at least 84% of businesses still prefer paper billing. (more…)

Small town. Metropolis. Same Problems.

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Burning TimeOne of my favorite blogs is Small Biz Survival, not because I live in a small town, but because I am partial to them. They all have a local eatery with great pies, burgers, and conversation – and only the “locals” know about them.

So what does this have to do with Invoicing?? Lots. Recently Becky McCray posted an article on why businesses “procrastinate on invoicing”. Her conclusion: “It’s not fun”!

True, true, true.

Becky suggests 4 ways to attack the invoicing procrastination bug – all of them valid.
Why you procrastinate on invoicing and what to do about it

The question then arises: Which one will work for you?

I think that the answer lies in the type and size of your business. Mega-businesses may have more leeway on time for receivables. Micro-businesses, however, usually rely on healthy cyclic or even immediate payments.

Do you need consistent and timely turn-around of “work-performed to payment-received”? If so, then your habits need to become focused on getting that invoice out immediately. What could be more convenient to the micro-business owner than electronic invoicing?

Sharp, professional, customized invoices (or estimates) can be e-mailed to your customer’s computer from your laptop or smartphone. Do it before you even pull your truck out of their driveway! You can even set up automatic e-mail reminders for due dates – for those “procrastinating customers”.

For the Micro-business owner who thinks like a conglomerate, electronic invoicing may be “just the ticket”.

See you later. I’m off to the Beach Hut Café. They have the best breakfast along the eastern Florida coast. It’s a “local” thing !

3 Major Reasons You Should Invoice Clients by E-mail

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Money in handMicrobusiness owners rely heavily on timely receivables. The sooner your client has the invoice in-hand the faster you could see that money in YOUR hand. Sending invoices by e-mail shaves days off invoice aging which gives your client the opportunity to send payment the same day this invoice is received, thus increasing your positive cash flow. If you are still printing and mailing invoices, the following list may convince you to seek e-mail addresses from your clients:

1. Cost: The savings add up quickly.

Save on:

  • Ink – great looking PDF/e-mailed invoices – no printing costs
  • Paper – unless, of course, you have stock in pulp factories
  • Envelopes – (see reason above)
  • Stamps – prices are already approaching $0.50 a pop and the climb will continue
  • Gas – reduce trips to the post office/mailbox and office supply store

2. Time: Spend more of it growing your business.

No more:
  • annoying printer issues
  • folding invoices
  • stuffing, sealing, stamping invoices
  • driving to post office/mailbox
  • additional mail delivery days for invoice aging

3. Environment: Green-up your operations.

Spare the need for:
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Gas

Clearly there are some big advantages to paperless invoicing. Today most clients should willingly opt-in to receive invoices by e-mail since it is faster and more friendly to Mother Earth. However, some clients reluctant to make the switch from paper to electronic invoice delivery will require creative strategy. Consider offering a small discount to the clients willing to make the change. Suddenly everyone has incentive to decrease invoice aging!

The Construction of an Invoicing Application

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

wedding cupcakesA successful man once told me that you will never recognize success unless you experience failure. I guess that’s why shoemakers only make one shoe at a time !! And why my friend makes only one cupcake sample for her wedding cakes !! Why take a chance on doing the whole thing if it doesn’t meet the customers’ needs or expectations?

Unfortunately, development of invoicing software, for example, doesn’t enjoy that same advantage. . . or does it ??!!

Let’s say that the Beta stage is like the “first cupcake”. All the necessary ingredients are in there: invoice template, customer info, lists products, communications. This allows assessment of the true value of functions as well as the overall appearance of the application. It’s the test mode to see how our SaaS application withstands its initial entrance into a crowded public eye.

So the “First Cupcake” hits the clouds; we await the “weather reports”. Lots of sunshine, a southerly wind and small hail follow. Very valuable. Why ? Because each bit of feedback permits us to see a real or perceived failure. We have been given an excellent opportunity to learn. Ergo, we can now recognize success.

First, these weather reports tell us that people have “tasted” the “cupcake”. Secondly, these people have needs and ideas bigger than the “cupcake” we offered! Hence, we begin the “Second Cupcake” – while people continue to eat the “First”.

And so it goes – on and on !!! We continue to listen and respond to our customers’ needs – - creating “Cupcake after cupcake” iteration after iteration – - each one getting bigger and better.

The best part ?
There’s always a cupcake available while we continue to build the “wedding cake”.

When we look back at our Beta offering and see how far we’ve come (and have yet to go) we appreciate all the lessons learned during the refinement of our invoicing application. Taking little steps is a good way to prepare for long-distance running!

Champagne for a Web Launch ?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Things around here are totally off the chart with excitement!!

We erased the BETA stamp from Greenerbilling and are immersing ourselves
in the joys of Info-Media, Press Releases, and all out “Chatter”.

I am MOST excited over the new Consumption-based Invoicing Plan that allows businesses to
“spend only for what they send”, giving them another way of controlling their costs.

Many many thanks to all who have helped us get to this stage.

The future looks “green” – er !

Check out our latest press release:

Greenerbilling Press Release: 4 May 2009