About our Founder

Dave Kollasch

Dave Kollasch, Founder

Creating invoices has been a part of Dave’s life from the age of 15. As a professional internationally known rollerblader, whether in South Africa, Australia, Germany, or the U.S., he hand-wrote, faxed or mailed, monthly invoices to his corporate sponsors.

Every day, every country presented a challenge to bookkeeping skills while on the road. Keeping accurate records of Skating Demos, Magazine Publicity Shots, Business Reimbursements – and billing for monthly salary – all before the presence of Web-based business communications – was, to say the least, daunting.

Dave skating in Atlanta (2006) and his first pro wheel, the Special K's, released by Senate Company in 1995.

Dave skating in Atlanta (2006) and his first pro wheel, the Special K's, released by Senate Company in 1995.

Invoicing took on a new “cloak of horror” when Dave started a lawn and landscaping service. The then available invoicing applications were quickly outgrown or heavily weighted in accounting principles, and produced “plain” payment requests. Nights and weekends were spent constructing, printing, and mailing hundreds of invoices — week after week, month after month.

Combine all this frustration and aggravation with Dave’s passion for “all things computer” and the result – he created an online invoicing application. Dave grabbed the new Web-based technology by writing parameters for a business-friendly, customizable, professional, and secure invoicing (and estimating) system, using e-mail not snail-mail. Hence, the birth of Greenerbilling.

As a business owner Dave knew that the most important element is the speed at which you Bill and Get Paid. To meet that need, Account Preferences (e.g. Set up Due Date and Past Due Reminders, Customize Messages) and System Alerts (i.e. action reminders) became a top priority.

To address the issue of invoicing anywhere at anytime, Dave found a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application the perfect answer. NO: downloading, buying updates, concerns over “crashing”, storage or security problems. Greenerbilling offers the convenience of doing business from the beach, tool bench, or board room; high costs are eliminated, replaced by month-to-month pricing. That keeps down the cost of doing business.

Keeping Greenerbilling Earth-friendly is a major focus for Dave. The name reflects two very basic business elements: grow a greener (more profitable) bottom-line in your business; reduce paper, ink, stamps in billing “green” for your business.

Royal Bamboo (max 50 ft. x 2.5 in.)

Royal Bamboo (max 50 ft. x 2.5 in.)

Dave keeps more than Greenerbilling “green”. He is also a “bamboo farmer”. There are over 9 clumping varieties of bamboo in his back yard (some reaching heights of well over 20 feet) which provide incredible shade from the Florida sun. Dave has recently begun to propagate cuttings of the bamboo for sale to nurseries and individuals wanting ornamental plants or quick-growing privacy “screening”. The uses of bamboo are almost limitless – and Dave’s vision encompasses a “bamboo” farm of significant size.

Sustainable, Earth-friendly, Organic, Energy-efficient, Carbon Footprint – all terms used to indicate concern for our planet and its future inhabitants. Some talk about it, some advertise it……….others DO it !

Dave’s work ethic is summed up well in: God, first; Family, second; Business, third. Dave, his lovely wife and three incredible children, live in Northeast Florida.