Online Invoicing: Myths Busted

MythsIf you were to be asked to do your entire invoices online, would you do it?  Perhaps, there’s a tiny voice of doubt inside your head telling you not to.  Going paperless and doing your bills purely online is something that many are not yet prepared to do.  For this reason, we see the failure of having a 100% paperless office, even after a decade of having positive thoughts about it.  The answer is simple:  We are humans.  We love to hold tangible things and we don’t trust something we can’t physically touch or see.

Common Pitfalls in Online Billing

When more businesses are doing their financial transactions online, you need to debunk the myths of online invoicing, such as:

Myth 1:  I save more money with my paper invoices

Unless you own the company producing your very own paper supply, even that tiny postage stamp is not free.  Think of all the costs of buying paper, printing, and mailing out the invoice to your customers.  Now, that’s the savings you get when you do invoicing online.

Myth 2:  My customers don’t like to use the service

Just because a person doesn’t own a computer or is not a techie person – it doesn’t mean they don’t want to do their billing online.  In fact, as more businesses move their billing to the Web, more customers are becoming happier that they have access to their accounts 24/7 – anytime, anywhere.

Myth 3:  Improving my billing doesn’t earn me more money

If you run a business that includes customer support, imagine the savings you can get when your customers do self-service instead of calling one of your service reps. This means less disputes, happier and loyal customers – which spells to better ROI ( Return on Investment ).

Myth 4:  Going online is just too costly and time consuming

Any change will definitely require some work in progress.  Moving your invoices online doesn’t have to be costly if you know how to leverage – or simply, use what’s existing out there without having to develop your own app from scratch.  It takes time to make that switch, but it won’t be too much hassle on your part.

Myth 5:  It’s not really safe to do your billing online

Many online invoicing platforms have been tested and checked for bugs and other forms of security breach, specially when personal data is stored on file.  You don’t even have to worry about data loss since all of these applications come with backups.

It may take some time for businesses to move their billing online, even if there are free services they can try out.  When competition is getting tougher and demand for faster, quality service is sky high, you need to stay current with the latest tools on the web.  The future is definitely online… so start yours today!

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