Online Invoicing for the Savvy Freelancer

Invoicing for FreelancersYou may be a seasoned freelance expert, but that doesn’t mean you have already mastered the art of invoicing.  Who loves Math, anyway? Making your invoice on paper or on the Web is not a fun task to do.  If you want to get paid for all those long weekends of work without play, you need to reinforce the habit of doing your billing right.  It’s high time to get that paycheck and grab yourself some rewards for your hard work.

Easy Tricks to Learn in Doing Your Online Invoices

If the very mention of invoicing makes you cringe or run for the cover, you need to take a deep breath.  These fun and easy steps will definitely make you love the very thing you dread:

1.  Sign Up

There are many convenient online invoicing tools on the web that you can take advantage of.  Traditional software like Excel may be too much work for you, not to mention eating a lot of your time.  Online invoicing platforms have tailored features that are suited even for those with basic understanding of Math.  All you have to do is sign up and try the service.

2.  Be an Early Bird

Not because you need to catch a worm, but because you need to make your invoices ahead of time.  You may discuss with your client an ideal time frame for submitting invoices.  If you are doing a flat rate project, you may split the invoice into 3 stages:  project initiation, project development, and final delivery.

3.  Keep a Keen Eye

Fact:  No one likes confusion… specially when it comes to money matters.  This is high school stuff and you can’t afford being too lazy with your invoices.  You need to itemize and put all tiny details of work you’ve done in your invoice ( hours, work description, cost, etc. )  Make sure it is easy to understand.  As a rule of the thumb, always address the invoice you make to the right client.  Triple check the info before you send it out.

4.  Be Crystal Clear

You have to state clearly how and when you want to receive your payments for work done.  Be explicit! From debit cards, online payments, to wireless transfer – make sure you give your clients precise instructions and data on how to pay you on time.

5.  Follow Up

There’s no reason why you should feel ashamed of making follow ups on overdue invoices.  You’ve worked hard for it!  There are many reasons for a late payment and no matter how frustrated you are, keep your cool and remind your clients professionally.

When the future of work is going online, you might as well make that switch and take advantage of online invoicing apps out there.  Besides, it makes freelancing life easier, where you can track all of your invoices on multiple projects with just a few mouse clicks.  That’s less time, more pay, and zero paperwork!

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