Hate Billing?

Hate BillingAdmit It! You don’t like reading bills, so much more on making a bill yourself.  All those numbers and details can give you so much headache as if you just had a bad hangover.  Doing your invoices can be a very messy affair.  No wonder many still dread getting into the number game with their calculators, papers, and pens.  When getting paid or paying someone is a major part of doing business, big or small, is there a more simple process for you to work on?

YES! The answer comes down to one word:  E-Bills.  Online billing is something relatively new to many and it still raises a lot of concerns from those who are scared to make that transition.  Can we help you change your mind to give online billing a try?

The Benefits of Doing Your Bills Online

1.  It’s Simply Green!

Do the environment a favor and file your invoices online.  Not only will you help save trees, but you also help reduce wastes that emit greenhouse gases.  Did you know that the pulp and paper industry is the world’s third largest producer of greenhouse gases?  ( According to OECD or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development )

2.  All-in-One Place

Have you spent long hours trying to dig up your archives for that single piece of info?  All those work just ruined your entire day.  Online billing make things easier and hassle-free.  It’s like having a magic lamp where you can ask your genie for data in just a mouse click.  E-bills give you everything in one system, on one site, minus the clutter.  Just log in and do the searching.

3.  A Peace of Mind

Nearly half the victims of identity theft results from stolen paper mail or bills containing confidential information.  For this reason alone, people are urged to shred documents with personal data.  This could have been avoided if only they did their billing online..  With enhanced security, more sites are doing an extra level of data encryption, real-time data backups, and firewalls in making sure your information stays safe on the web.

4.  Professional Touch

If you’re doing Internet business, it makes you look like a pro if you do billing online.  It’s not only convenient for you to receive payments, but your customers will love the quick-and-easy way of paying you as well. :)

Overall, online billing definitely costs less (and sometimes, free of charge).  Think of it as a smart and greener way of doing things.  You won’t regret making that switch!

” Trees are poems that Earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.”
~Kahlil Gibran

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One Response to “Hate Billing?”

  1. Dave Cox says:

    Yes, online billing sounds great, until you understand how it works. When you go to online billing, you are responsible for going to the vendor’s web site, and retrieving your bill on-line. Most vendors will send you and email, notifying you that your bill is ready. But they do not send the bill, only a notice that it is ready for you to retrieve it. And whether you receive the notice or not, it is your responsibility to go retrieve the bill. If you don’t, be prepared to pay late fees.

    Your bills are NOT all in one place. You must remember where to go to receive your on-line bill for each vendor for which you have signed up for on-line billing with. You should keep a list of all of these sites, in case you fail to receive a notice. And you will fail to receive notices.

    You do not need e-billing to pay your bills on-line. You can set up bill paying with the bank you do business and pay your bill on line. Your bank will handle sending the payments to the vendor in a safe and secure manner.

    NEVER EVER allow a vendor come to your bank account and retrieve their money for you!!! This may seem to be convenient at first, but you are giving the vendor a open blank check book. Once authorized, they can remove any amount from your account at any time, without having to provide you with any notice at all. I know several people that have had to pay returned check fees because of this. Handle this kind of transaction through your bank account!

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