Simplicity: The New Mantra on the World Wide Web

"effective web site"Less is More… Don’t we love hearing these words? Imagine yourself going to a restaurant, where the waiter handed you the menu – only it is 520 pages thick. Your confusion will overpower your need to eat as you try to make a choice. In any business, making your customers confused is a great way to push them away… for good. So, what will make things better? If in doubt, it’s always best to keep things SIMPLE.

Five Keys to an Effective Web site for Your Business

Design is everything when you want people to notice your brand. What good can great content do if your readers have a hard time reading it? Put on your Zen hat and help your customers make the right choice by:

1. Easy Access

What can snap reader’s patience like an overstretched rubber band? The long wait. People love speed these days when it comes to getting the latest buzz on the Web. You may show all your design prowess with cool Flash, JavaScript, cookies, frames, DHTML or session IDs – but search engine spiders are having hard time crawling it. If you want to reach customers in 1-2-click, make sure they can reach your homepage through an easily accessible, static HTML link.

2. Quality Content

Your site may be an eyesore to your potential customers simply because you put everything in one place. Even worse, you stuff it with keywords like you’re about to serve it on a hot plate. Make the content on your Web site easy on your readers’ eyes and don’t look like a virtual billboard for online ads. If your readers will have to think more than 10 minutes to capture the message of your site, you need to go back to the drawing boards and do an overhaul.

3. Smooth Navigation

Are you giving your visitors what they are looking for? Buttons and links are made to point visitors to another page. But if people get lost in navigating their way into your Web site, that can mean frustration… and first impressions do last on the Web. Make sure that if you’re using a call to action button, there is a clear instruction on how people should find their way inside your site.

4. Clarity

On the surface, your Web site should be typo-free, no exceptions! How do you communicate your brand to your audience? When your readers have a crystal clear view of what your business is all about, they will trust you more… and with trust comes customer loyalty. And that will make them keep coming back to your site.

5. Design Sense

A simple design is low maintenance. Search engines like Google also love designs made with a simple, clean code. The fonts and colors of your site matter too and this is where you get to become Leonardo da Vinci – with a virtual twist.

Take inspiration from architecture and fashion. Classic and simple design lasts for more than a century. We’ll never know until when the World Wide Web lives, but having a simple solution that works is like a timeless way of saying, ” I’m here for serious business.

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