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"green office"Last time, we talked about 30 ways you can go green even on a tight budget. Green is not an over-hyped buzzword these days. It is not even a fancy option for the elite. To go green means to take a shot to make our planet a better place. It may sound cliché, but your actions can really make a difference, not to mention that it save you money. Whether you run your enterprise at home or at the office, it’s never too late to wipe off your carbon footprint – for good.

Top Ten Ways to Go Green in Your Office

1. Turn It Off!

By switching off electronic equipment or lights that are not in use, you save up to 50% on your energy bills. Why put it on idle mode when you can simply turn it off?

2. Look for the Star

If you are buying new office equipment for your home, always look for the Energy Star seal. It feels good knowing that you are using products that are not only energy efficient, but green as well.

3. Put Green in the Writing

People can easily forget. You can write a memo or a green policy for everyone to follow. If you run a Web site, put it in your blog. You can even post signs in bold print for everyone to see. Going green takes a little time getting used to, a visual aid can help.

4. Go Digital

Encourage people at work to switch to electronic means of communication and reduce paper waste from fax. Try converting your paper files into digital media and go for paperless solutions that work better for everyone.

5. Love the 3 Rs

As in Reuse, Recycle and Refurbish. Why buy when you can reuse? You can recycle toner cartridges, paper products, plastics and many more. It’s your perception that matters most. An oldie but goodie practice, conservation is still the key to using less of everything.

6. Choose Wisely

If you are working with vendors or suppliers for your business, make sure that they also run a green policy. Making this conscious decision will help make living green more than just a concept at work.

7. Revamp Your Office Space

Doing a makeover of your workspace doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a simple rearrangement of furniture can help bring in more natural light to your space. If you have the budget to spare, you can have solar panels, insulation, or a water filtration system installed. You can save on energy costs by switching to CFL bulbs. You can also contact your local energy management company to help reduce CO2 emission in your office.

8. Give Love

Christmas is not the only time of the year to make a donation. Instead of throwing away your old or unused office supplies, you may give it to schools, libraries, charities, or nursing homes. This act of kindness is not only good for the Earth, but for the soul as well.

9. Live Green

Be Eco-friendly inside and outside your workspace. By living green, you push a major decision into becoming a good daily habit. Whether you choose to buy clothes made from recycled materials, walk your way to work, eat organic foods, or join a tree-planting event – your action counts!

10. Be a Prophet

By living green, you can inspire people around you to follow. It shouldn’t stop there. Try every means you have to spread the word like we’re doing right now.

A wise man used to say that any machine can produce thousands of products in a day, but you can’t grow a full-grown tree in one day. Did you know that recycling the world’s newspaper can save us 250,000,000 trees each year? Let this thought inspire you to choose green, not because you are told to – but because you choose to. Start a Change!

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