Which Brand Are You?

"branding"In today’s competitive world, your business brand is more than just a pretty logo and unique name. A few years back when social media was born, many believed that crafting words into print and digital media would work. As consumers begin to demand more transparency on the Web, it’s simply not enough to talk the ‘talk.’ You have to engage people and have meaningful conversations. In the age of social media, creating a buzz is like sharing a 14″ pizza with your audience; You can’t eat it all.

Facing Your Brand’s Ultimate Nemesis

Self promotion is easier these days, allowing businesses to market themselves like Pros – at a fraction of a cost of traditional media. With plenty of free ways to promote come pitfalls where many have failed. Just because your business is online doesn’t mean it is profitable. Your brand can be your best friend or your worst enemy. There will always be challenges to face, like having meaningful relationships with your readers and being consistent in your efforts to communicate. Then, there is the pressure to please everyone. At the end of the day, all those branding efforts are in vain if they don’t convert into sales.

Your Brand: More than a Buzz Word

I remember an interview conducted a year ago with personal branding guru, Dan Schawbel, the author of one of my favorite books called Me 2.0. Although he talked about branding for career success, his wisdom can be applied to your business as well. He said “… individuals who focus entirely on self-promotion will fail because people will tune you out if you make life all about yourself, when it should be all about what value you can contribute to them. ” How can you make your brand stand out from the crowd? Here are ways you can be a winner:

Create Value

It’s not about selling the next big thing these days. People are always looking for something of value, a solution that will help them solve their problems. By sharing useful info through your website and social media channels, you create a value and quality for your brand that can be purer than a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin.


Managing your brand is not about how far your campaign can reach. It’s not about statistics, but it’s how you engage with the numbers. Are you doing a monologue or a dialogue? Imagine you are your brand and you have to stand in the middle of the street to shout about yourself. Chances are, you’ll annoy those passing by. It’s the same thing on the Web. You have to listen before you talk.

Pay Attention

Remember the case of Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines? This famous social media influencer got kicked out of a plane because the captain thought he was too large for a seat. Then, we saw a Twitter cage match happening before our eyes and Southwest Airlines had been praised for how quickly it responded to its customers, famous or not. When you want your brand to speak to people, you have to give their feedback your full attention. It’s not about having the largest number of followers on Twitter, but how you communicate with these numbers.


What separates a good brand from a great one? Innovation. It’s not just about how your brand looks on the Web, but how people get to notice your business. You have to use a triad of social media, direct marketing, and Web 2.0 to get in touch with people in the most creative way you can possibly think.

Your brand is your reputation. Yes, it can be overwhelming to manage. You may find your efforts beyond your control. In the end, it’s all about what your business values most that will speak for your brand.  Be Genuine!

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