Breaking Habits

Here in North Florida, during what seemed to be torrential downpours that required looking for gopher wood (used to build Noah’s ark), there were countless traffic problems.

When we have those kinds of rains (you know the type), common sense should dictate that caution would be taken. I found it interesting, that despite the warnings, some drivers still ignored the obvious.

Why didn’t they leave earlier, drive slower, stay off the cell phone, or even stop texting? Because those things had become habits.  And habits can sometimes inhibit our ability to engage in healthy alternatives.

Stop for a moment and think about those activities that we do repeatedly in our businesses. Are we making the very best use of our time? Do we check up on our customers as often as we should? Are we keeping their satisfaction paramount? Have our employees become “paid personnel” or are they still highly valued? Did we make the change to “green-up” the office as we promised? Are we looking for someone to blame when things turn sour……..or did that bitter taste happen because we just didn’t prepare? Are we continuing to do the same things over and over and expecting different results? (That’s the definition of “insanity”.)

Let’s take the time to assess the condition of our habits. Consider it a catharsis for the life of our businesses. Take hold of those habits and give them a good shake. Be willing to honestly evaluate everything that falls out. If you’re not sure what those habits are – just ask a co-worker, or your spouse. And don’t shoot the messenger!

As for me - I’m going to find my husband and ask him a question. I’ll let you know what falls out!

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