A Business Plan is ALIVE !

I haven’t been a Dad for too long – just a bit over 5 months. During that time, many of the things that my wife and I did to prepare for Ben’s arrival were soon outgrown. His tiny clothes are now bigger, he moves about on his own – he’s just growing up. Now I have to CHANGE where the dog dishes are; be sure the screen door is CLOSED; begin shopping for the BIGGER car seat.

My point in all this? . . . In these past months with Ben I realized that Business Plans are like children — they are ALIVE and they CHANGE, they get BIGGER, and sometimes parts of them need to CLOSE down for protection.

Pull out that business plan – (it should be on the right) – Take a look at the marketing strategy that was laid out 1 (or was it 3) years ago. Has the plan been followed? What has changed in that marketplace? What was the unforeseen “Oops”?

Is that affiliate marketing program in place yet? Have all the social networking outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn) been as productive as planned? Were they kept current? Does the business plan even mention “Twitter”?

What about those promo products? . . . Collecting dust? And those press releases – are they going out on a timely schedule? Have those contacts been refreshed?

And the niche market . . . when was the last time research was done?

And now – the Competition. It’s out there. Being attentive. Being aggressive. Being a threat?
IMPOSSIBLE! Just check out that business plan. It’s all in there, right? “What to do and how to do it.”
(Where IS that plan?)

Remember – the business plan is a living breathing commodity – and if it’s a healthy one, it will go through many changes and refinements as it grows and encounters “the world”. Sometimes it will need a massage or even the “delete” key. Keep that business Growing – Refresh the Plan.

Don’t be afraid to do it. Be the Parent.

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