Interview with the Founder – More “meat”

Below is a series of questions a business associate posed to Dave recently.  I was given permission to post them and Dave’s answers.  I thought it would add more “meat to the bones” of Greenerbilling.

M: Dave, Web invoicing applications are out there.  What makes yours different?

D: What’s different is that it’s based on my logic — I knew what I needed as an invoicing system for my business, but it wasn’t out there.

M: How is your logic different from the others?

D: I guess the easiest way to answer that starts with being a “blue collar” business owner. My focus was on billing and getting paid for my labor.

I wanted to keep it simple, focusing only on what’s necessary to help the small business owner stay on top of billing clients and collecting payments.

M: Is this another “accounting” application?

D: No, this is not another “accounting” application.

My understanding of “accounting” involves, among other things, tracking and itemizing expenses, balancing checkbooks, managing credit cards and loans, and applying tax line items.   Therefore, by keeping Greenerbilling focused on “billing” and “getting paid”, I am not crossing “that fine line” into what I consider “complete accounting”.

Plus, I wanted to keep it truly international.  Greenerbilling offers extensive currency formatting.  So, by focusing on billing and getting paid, rather than complete accounting principles, our subscriber base can be worldwide.

M: You mentioned Greenerbilling with an international focus.  How many countries currently have subscribers to Greenerbilling?

D: I am really pleased to say that we have subscribers in over 45 countries right now. And there’s certainly a BIG market left for expansion.

M:  What kind of businesses are using the application?

D: It runs the gamut of product and service providers, primarily among microBusinesses. Blue collar, trade professionals, consultants, freelancers, and wholesalers . . . just to name a few.  Right now we’re at over 50 different business types.

M:  How have you met the challenges of servicing all these business types?

D: That’s a great question!  The entire team is dedicated to treating each subscriber as a fellow business owner, not as a customer.  We ALL pay very close attention to each subscriber inquiry and need.  Every single page of the Greenerbilling application invites feedback.  It is this feedback that drives the development of Greenerbilling — and always will.

M: You seem really passionate about this.

D:  I’ve been a business owner too long to discount the importance of customer relations.  Customers are the building blocks of every successful business.  I have kept the following quote posted in my office for over 10 years:

“There is only one boss — the customer. And he/she can fire everyone in the
company from the CEO on down, simply by spending his/her money elsewhere.”
-Sam Walton
Founder of Wal-Mart

M: You mentioned your Team.  Tell me about them.

D: Well, good business practices say to surround yourself with the people who are best at what they do.  That’s exactly what I’ve done.  I consider myself a strong visionary, but am not gifted in coding (among other things).

So, my core Executive Team consists of myself and two others, an Operations Professional and a Marketing Professional.  Expand that team to include my tech staff – headed by a well-established, successful, and dedicated Web Developer.  Add to the mix, a top-of-the-line Designer.  Glue it all together with attorney and accountant groups that keep everything “floating in the right direction”.

I can honestly say that Greenerbilling wouldn’t be headed for world-class stature without them.

M: What do you see in the future for Greenerbilling?

D: I see Greenerbilling becoming the best invoicing system out there; providing a state-of-the-art, remote work platform. It will always provide a rich user experience for business invoicing.

M: Can you be more specific?

D: Sure. We continue to develop new features for Greenerbilling. For example, this week, we have a totally new “look and feel” to the application and Web site. We enhanced the “curb appeal” of Greenerbilling. It’s really important that our users enjoy the look of what they have to work with.

In addition, the application now includes Estimates – definitely a major feature and asset to our subscribers. There are a lot more things “in the works”, but I can’t get into them right now.

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