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I have been known to most people as “Dave Kollasch – professional rollerblader” – who, starting at 15 years of age, toured the world in the sport of extreme inline skating (even holding the record for longest rail-slide – 394 feet). My sponsors included Senate and Razors.

Long before Internet-based invoicing, I was billing my sponsors from wherever I was in the world. I would create these invoices by hand and fax or mail them, hoping for prompt receipt and payment. This tedious process continued for 7 years. Between opening a skate shop (at age 19) and starting a lawn service business (at age 23), it was obvious that I needed a faster, high-tech, solution to address low or high volume invoicing.

Ready-made computer programs did not allow me to create estimates, submit invoices, or track time when I was away from my desktop computer. Using QuickBooks*, for example, I found myself immersed in accounting principles that are “like glaciers, when all I needed was an ice cube”.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Consequently, I began constructing a Web-based invoicing system that comes from the perspective of an entrepreneur – not an accountant. To help small business, Greenerbilling has “reinvented the ice cube”.

Greenerbilling provides:

- an office on the go
- graphic invoicing and estimating via e-mail
- an earth-friendly snail-mail alternative to doing business
- all data safely and securely stored on remote servers
- a universally compatible, state-of-the-art remote work platform

I’m excited over the direction Greenerbilling is heading. The biggest bonus that I see is the feedback that comes from our users. They are providing wonderful ideas, needs specific to their business, and valid critiques that propel Greenerbilling to greater success.

Watch this blog for future posts of Greenerbilling In the News and product updates. Plus, let the Greenerbilling Team know what you need and how we can help.

*QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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