A Little Thanks to Your Customers Goes a Long Way

December 8th, 2014 by Jennifer

customer-holiday-cardDecember came quickly this year, at least for us, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about the benefits of showing a little gratitude with a holiday card and / or a token of appreciation, otherwise known as swag. Many of us fail to realize that a simple, “Thank you for your business,” could be the deciding factor for a customer the next time they need a job done.

Holiday cards are the easiest and least expensive ways to say thank you, but can be the most personal. Perhaps you had a brief conversation with the customer while painting their house, or you knew you were getting their lawn done before a 50th anniversary party; these are things you can mention in a quick note inside a holiday card letting your customer know you care. This kind of personal touch will set you above other vendors. Holiday cards can also include your entire staff; allowing everyone to sign teaches your staff (however large) that your customers are a priority, and it lets your customers know that you also value your staff; you are viewed as a team. Holiday cards are not expensive, the ink to write in them isn’t either, and the postage for each card will be reimbursed by the increase in jobs you receive because you’ve now tugged on your customer’s heart with the personal touch!

Maybe you have more in your budget to include a little company swag with your holiday cards or in lieu of your holiday cards this year. As with all things in business, your choices should always reflect your brand as a business and your target audience. The idea is to get your company in the mind of your customer when they think of the need. For example, they will notice their lawn needs when walking to their car so a keychain would make a good swag idea for landscaping. Pens are probably the most popular swag item for any business and the reason is simple, there is always a need for pens. People won’t throw it away, which means at some point, your pen, with your company name and info, will be in their hand and in their mind enough times to become a part of their memory. So when they are wondering who to call for a need, your company will be the most familiar, whether they realize why or not.

Swag can be costly, especially when you think of mailing these items, but if you think creatively, there are always ways to save money. The swag business is competitive and you should take the time to shop around. Be sure to check all online coupon offers and even take the time to call the customer service department of the company you are shopping with to inquire what the best money saving items are at the time. You would be surprised how willing these companies are to help you save money … they too are interested in the repeat business! If you’re concerned about postage of swag, don’t be. If it’s not in your budget, then schedule an afternoon to door hang your customers with a holiday card and little bag of swag. It might seem silly to you, but it makes an impact.

When we think about the holidays, almost all of us start to sweat the small stuff – how will we get everything done in time, in business and in our families. What we like to remember is the holiday stretches between Thanksgiving and the New Year, giving us plenty of time to find a little way to thank our customers for their business. We need those customers. And even if they were a hard sell, or they hovered while we tried to do the job, or they asked for three estimates before they finally decided; they are paying customers for our service businesses and for that, we are grateful for the work. Take the time this year, and every year, to thank your customers … give them more of a reason to hire you again next year!

And to all of our GreenerBilling customers, THANK YOU for your business! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come!

7 ways GreenerBilling will Help You Save Time

December 4th, 2014 by Dave

Save Time with GreenerBilling Are you are a lawn or landscaping service owner, building contractor, or other home services pro? Chances are you could use a little more time in your busy day!

Emailed Estimates

In your service business, promptly providing a professional estimate to your potential customer can make or break the deal. Most of the time, simply being quick will land you the job. Customers put a high value on timeliness when looking to hire a contractor. The GreenerBilling Estimates make it a breeze to create and send an estimate by email. You could easily create the estimate in your vehicle on a laptop or other mobile device right after viewing the potential job. You could have an answer by the time you get to your next stop!

Convert Estimates to Invoices

Now that you’ve used our Estimates, imagine this… You quickly sent the estimate while out in the field, and because of your quickness, you impressed your customer and landed the new job by the time you got home that day! Now you will need to create the invoice for the upcoming job. All you have to do is click once and your estimate becomes a new active invoice. Now that’s saving some time!

Invoices by Email

If you send invoices to customers via the Postal Service, you can expect them to receive the invoice within 1-5 days. This can delay payment to you for quite awhile longer, depending on the customer. If you are a small service business, you really need that cash flow to manage paying for gas, supplies, bills, employees, etc, ETC! No worries, you can speed up your customer payments simply by sending invoices by email. With the click of a mouse, your online invoice will arrive in your customer’s email inbox immediately. Your customer could potentially turn around and send payment immediately to you!

Due Date Reminders

With so many businesses starting to email invoices to customers, follow-up becomes a necessity. Ask yourself this… “When I receive a bill from my utility or other company, do I immediately print this bill out or set a reminder somewhere, like my phone calendar, so I make sure I send that company the payment on-time? Let me guess, you answered no, or sometimes. With GreenerBilling, you can set up automatic invoice due date reminders by email. This greatly increases your chances of receiving payment faster and helps the forgettable customer avoid a pesky late charge.

Past Due Reminders

No small business owner likes to have past due invoices sitting out there aging away. Regular cash flow is the lifeline of your business. The last thing any business owner wants to do is call the customer letting them know they need to pay up or no further services will be rendered. GreenerBilling takes the pain away by allowing you to set Past Due Reminders so that your customer receives an email notification, kindly letting them know the invoices is overdue.

Scheduled Invoicing

If you have customers who pay you the same amount on a set frequency, such as monthly, you will find great relief with the GreenerBilling Scheduled Invoices feature. Rather than creating the same invoice over and over, you can make it once and set a schedule for its creation. Save yourself a lot of time every month by setting your invoicing on auto-pilot.

Online Payments

In this day and age, almost everything can happen with just a click. Now that you’ve made the step to send invoices by email, directly to your customer’s inbox, you might as well offer them the fastest payment option available on the planet! With GreenerBilling, you can create and send invoices to customers online and potentially receive payment that very day, online. How much faster could it be?! Urging your customers to use their computer to make payments online will get that money to you faster than ever!

Are you already an invoicing ninja? Share your time-saving tips with other GreenerBilling users!

Clueless? 10 Things Your Business Simply Can’t Miss!

May 4th, 2013 by issa

invoicingEvery dollar counts. This is more than a mere fact in any business, big or small. There are days when everything was inked ledger. With modern technology comes innovative ways of making invoices and estimates. It’s always about the fastest solution that gets you paid in a fraction of a second. In other words, it’s all about CONVENIENCE. Read the rest of this entry »

Hate Billing?

April 27th, 2013 by issa

Hate BillingAdmit It! You don’t like reading bills, so much more on making a bill yourself.  All those numbers and details can give you so much headache as if you just had a bad hangover.  Doing your invoices can be a very messy affair.  No wonder many still dread getting into the number game with their calculators, papers, and pens.  When getting paid or paying someone is a major part of doing business, big or small, is there a more simple process for you to work on?

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Online Invoicing for the Savvy Freelancer

April 20th, 2013 by issa

Invoicing for FreelancersYou may be a seasoned freelance expert, but that doesn’t mean you have already mastered the art of invoicing.  Who loves Math, anyway? Making your invoice on paper or on the Web is not a fun task to do.  If you want to get paid for all those long weekends of work without play, you need to reinforce the habit of doing your billing right.  It’s high time to get that paycheck and grab yourself some rewards for your hard work. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Invoicing: Myths Busted

April 6th, 2013 by issa

MythsIf you were to be asked to do your entire invoices online, would you do it?  Perhaps, there’s a tiny voice of doubt inside your head telling you not to.  Going paperless and doing your bills purely online is something that many are not yet prepared to do.  For this reason, we see the failure of having a 100% paperless office, even after a decade of having positive thoughts about it.  The answer is simple:  We are humans.  We love to hold tangible things and we don’t trust something we can’t physically touch or see. Read the rest of this entry »

Simplicity: The New Mantra on the World Wide Web

September 14th, 2010 by issa

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Are You Ready to Unplug?

August 19th, 2010 by issa

"save energy"Last July, we wrote a small note on our Facebook page about ” What You Don’t Know About Papers. ” The stats written there left me utterly… disgusted. How can we still turn a blind eye on what’s happening to our environment today? For example, did you know that if all our newspapers were recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year? And who needs newspaper these days? There are plenty of paperless ways of getting the scoop without cutting down all those trees.
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What’s in a Word?

August 12th, 2010 by issa

"copywriting"From Abracadabra to J.K. Rowling’s Avada Kedavra, the power of words can bring in $3.5 billion dollars worth of box office tickets worldwide. That’s a Fact! How many times do we hear people say, ‘never underestimate the power of words.’ Techie startups and nimble firms have been harnessing the same power to control the Web unlike anything we’ve seen before. We see a simple sales copy page converting into millions of dollars in revenues. Is that even possible? YES. If you know how to write a copy that sells like pancakes. Read the rest of this entry »

Greenovation at Work

August 4th, 2010 by issa

"green office"Last time, we talked about 30 ways you can go green even on a tight budget. Green is not an over-hyped buzzword these days. It is not even a fancy option for the elite. To go green means to take a shot to make our planet a better place. It may sound cliché, but your actions can really make a difference, not to mention that it save you money. Whether you run your enterprise at home or at the office, it’s never too late to wipe off your carbon footprint – for good.
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